Jamie Kozisek

Dharma Studio - Jamie Kozisek Like many people, Jamie began practicing yoga because she was curious to know what "the buzz" was all about. She had always been more of an academic than an athlete, so she fell in love with yoga when she realized that it allowed her to actually enjoy exercise and quiet her mind.

As an attorney, Jamie practiced yoga as a means of counter-balancing the stress and chaos of practicing law. Eventually, she felt more and more drawn to the idea of helping others through yoga rather than in a courtroom, so she decided to get her yoga teaching certification.

Jamie is now a certified YogaWorks teacher and is also certified to teach yoga in corporate settings. Her vinyasa-style classes focus on the logic of alignment, as she strives to help her students understand what is really "supposed to be happening" in each pose; while her "gentle stretchy" classes focus on deep relaxation, stress relief, and a comfortable opening of the body.